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Studio Fasoli is a young company with professional skills in depth. The team is a mix of highly trained and experienced professionals with long experience of the graphics and printing industries. This means we can offer you a reliable flexible service, tailored to your particular needs. We are proud to have a formidable reputation with existing clients. We look forward to providing the same service for you and your company.

corona di allore

petrarca pescatore di lettere – fosca

logo fosca mouse

tampone a secco – logo fosca


The Fantastic World of Fosca – at the Marciana Library of Venice from the 8th of May until the 8th of June

It is a really great pleasure for us to inform about our collaboration for the set-up of the Fosca exhibition at the Marciana Library of Venice. The pre-view occurred the 7th of May and we are really proud to show you a photo taken from the event; more photos are available on our Facebook profile. The heart of the exhibition is a great installation of which we looked after the entire realization.
The Globo Letterario, that dominates the centre of the Sansoviana Library ‘s hall, with a sphere of 15.000 hand trimmed vellum paper letters and gold glass drops realized by Murano’s master glaziers.

Alongside, you will find forty-eight some other paper works realized by the same artist.

fosca mouse

Losca’s logo on Ingre enveloppe

fosca lettere

details – petrarch letters fisherman

fosca's paper for the invitation

onion skin transparency

fosca collector

fosca’s world invitation limited edition

fosca exhibition's invitation

difference between two papers : Ingre envelope and Onion skin